Toyota F3R Concept Review Specs

When we take into our consideration a brand new Toyota F3R concept, we could say that it’s rather interesting (so to speak). Although we aren’t so thrilled about its sterile, outdated boxy shape, we must face the fact that every single vehicle finds it ideal owner. It is a bare truth, that the Toyota’s owners spend a small fortune to provide this F3R concept get adequately covered by the global media, mainly because there are very proud of the F3R concept’s ability to move doors on both parties of the vehicle. It seems that Toyota’s designers may not pay the adequate attention to the overall looking (we are meaning in terms of exterior), at least, their main focus weren’t on that. Anyway, this F3R concept, at least, deserves a fair review and we have, already, wrote it. Enjoy reading…

Toyota F3R Concept Interior, Exterior & Appearance

In case that you didn’t fully understand our introductory part, in terms of external design, we, simply, can’t say that the F3R concept is brilliant nor extraordinary whatsoever, all that we say is that this concept doesn’t make you consider a minivan. It presents a huge, boxy shaped rolling can which reminisce a bit on the Toyota Scion XB variant and goes one action additionally, adding an amount of style to the flat-sided appearance. In some newspapers, we were even founded the phase of the wedge shape, although we considered that’s one husky f3r cost 2016

On the other hand, when we take into our consideration the F3R concept’s inner design, we will call it rather futuristic. Simply, we must stress that we were expecting a bit more, in terms of interior design, from this, usually, highly innovated and futuristic inspired Japanese car maker, which simply used us to be, literary, blown away with its outstanding and quite exclusive interior design. It seems that this time Toyota designers have lacked the usual, pretty high amount of the ingeniousness. But, hey, it’s ok, everyone has its bad days :-).

Joking aside, this F3R has what Toyota calls a lounge-type environment. There’s a lot of areas and the seats are of a charitable size, divided by 3 rows of arena seats that, incorporated with an upwardly sloping roofing system, provides the exact same quantity of clearance for each row. And, that isn’t everything, each row could be configured in various methods, while at the same time, the motor vehicle is in “lounge” method, providing a much more living-room feeling area for residents that are able to see some movies or play various games on the F3R’s two track-mounted level panel video screens. We must confess that we are pretty amazed by this feature. Further, the cabin features another one pretty innovative feature a wrap-around backrest that develops a continuous sofa from the dashboard panel along the traveler’s party of the van and around the back.

New Toyota F3R Engine

In terms of engine, pretty interesting thing is that the Toyota F3R concept has no powertrain located on its hood, only a Hybrid Synergy Drive badge that indicates the company’s technology of embracing gasoline-electric as a way of propelling massive 22-inch wheels.

All credits for that the Toyota’s engineers, you have done an amazing job, indeed! So, to conclude this section- the Toyota F3R Concept presents, in a fact, a true economical vehicle that has been designed in order to take the low amount of fuel.

Toyota F3R Concept Release Date & Prices

At the end, having in our minds all the facts we have been mentioned above, we can say that the Toyota F3R Concept has more than a reasonable market price that comes in a range between $9000 and $10, 000, depends on the exactly opted dealer.

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