Thunder Power EV Concept Review

There are many automakers that entered electric car market, and probably the best-known is Tesla from the US. Apart from the North American company there are few more companies which started producing all-electric cars, such as Porsche and Thunder Energy. Both of them presented their brand-new concepts at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. You got a chance to read about Porsche Mission E concept, therefore today we are presenting the Thunder Power EV concept. Thunder Power EV concept is developed by the Taiwanese company Thunder Energy, which you probably haven’t heard of before reading this article. The company is not so active on the European market, but this September it presented its newest concept. There are many unique things when it comes to this concept, but it is inevitable to see that it took a lot from Zagato in terms of design.

Thunder Power EV Concept Exterior

LED headlights have become standard in the car industry, thus they are used in this concept. Headlights have quite unique design as well as the front grille with an oval shape. When you take a look at the Thunder Power EV concept you will realize that future is already here. Some retro lines can be spotted thus we see this concept as an ideal combination of old and new. Taillights are curved and don’t resemble any other taillights you got a chance to see. Whole rear end is one of a kind and it might become a role model for some future cars manufactured by Thunder Energy, or even by some other automakers.thunder power 610c

Interior of Thunder Power EV

If there is a car with such an outstanding exterior, you can expect cabin will be a top-notch. It is equipped with the highest-quality materials and the exceptional technology. Seats are wrapped in leather which is the material that provides the highest comfort. Inside there are also wood accents and metal touches. This sedan definitely looks luxurious. In addition, there is a plenty of light thus all passengers are going to enjoy the ride.

Thunder Power EV Concept Engine

When it comes to the motor, there are going to be two different variants, low-performance and high-performance variant. However, both of them are above the average in the electric-car industry. The base motor is going to able to deliver 230kW (312 horsepower) and 236 pound-feet of torque (320 Nm). With this engine the Thunder Power EV concept production model is going to reach 62mph in less than 6 seconds while the top speed will be around 130 mph.

On the other hand, there is an electric motor with an output of 320kW (435 horsepower) and 413 pound-feet of torque (560 Nm). Top speed and acceleration are going to be slightly better comparing to the first option (0-62 mph in less than five seconds and top speed of 155 mph).

All in all, the Thunder Power EV concept is a proof there is a future in electric car industry. They are getting closer to the diesel and petrol vehicles in terms of speed and acceleration, and we should not neglect the mile range which is 404 miles. We are looking forward to seeing this production model on streets but we must hold our horses for some time.

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