2017 Tesla Model 3 Specs Sedan

We strongly believe that among all of you, there are a bunch of people, who have never heard of the Tesla vehicles and that’s totally understandable. The Tesla Motors Company is, relatively, the new name in the automotive industry. It presents, in fact, an American energy storage as well as electric car designed Firm, located in California. It has been, officially, established in 2003 and has been widely known, famous and prized for its full electric and luxury been equipped sedans-Model X, S and Model 3, among the others. This review will be devoted to the Model 3 one variant. It seems that the world finally welcomed a Tesla’s “common man” offer, an amazingly designed and green-oriented the Tesla’s compact sedan known as the Model 3. Down there, written in this review, you will find all of the relevant details you should be familiar with when it comes to this quite amazing luxury equipped compact sedan.2017 tesla car

Interior, Exterior & Appearance

One is, absolutely, sure, the 2017 Tesla Model 3 won’t be only of entirely electric-made vehicle that will be available on the market. There will be a very fierce and ruthless competition for supremacy. It seems that the folks from the Tesla company are pretty aware of these facts, so they intended to invest a pretty huge amount of love and effort as well as all their knowledge and gained skills, in order to create another one, truly great, full-electric car, whose performances couldn’t be beaten that easily.2017 tesla model s interior

Tesla 3 Interior

Let’s take a bit better insight into 2017 Tesla Model 3 interior design. According to the very first spy photos that we had an exclusive opportunity to see, it is intended to be specific and quite unique equipped, although there will be, still, some features that will reminiscent of its closest siblings, the Model S and X.2017 tesla for sale

Among them all, the most striking feature, which will wake the memories- the main dashboard won’t be, this time, coupled with a pretty huge an 17 inch display. Instead, the Tesla Company will offer a more than decent replacement- a smaller command center that will still be operated by touch. Although, the natural leather won’t be offered this time, however the 2017 Tesla Model 3 will come available with the best-quality materials in its class.2017 tesla model s review

2017 Tesla Model 3 Exterior

When we take into our consideration the exterior design, it will be, on the other hand, quite similar to anyone who an opportunity to see the Tesla Model S. We know, quite disappointing fact, but, there will be still some pretty new designed things, like: a brand new designed pair of headlights and its rear part will look like more to sedan with a trunk rather than the usual hatch door. The design of the wheels will be very different, mainly because its designers strived to design them to be totally different from the ones that could be seen on the Model S (for a change: -)).2017 tesla model s specs

Engine of Tesla Model 3

Under the hood of the Tesla Model 3 2017 it is waiting for us a very pleasant surprise. Instead of quite usual petrol engine (or even a range extender) it will be placed compact electric motor, which general output has, already, been estimated at producing around 290 horsepower and more than 340 lb-ft of torque. This particularly motor option is intended to come available, matched with a more than 50 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, which Tesla‘s engineers claim that, it will able to provide well over 250 miles of all-electric range.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Release Date & Price

The release date for this ingeniously designed and stunningly crafted EV – the 2017 Tesla Model 3 is scheduled for a March of 2016, the deliveries are planned to begin in 2017 for a price around $35,000, while its greatest competitor’s price will be something over than a $40,000 for a same range of 200 miles.


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